A Health Conscious Conservative Approach

We can help you. We will listen to you.  We will respect you and take every step possible to compassionately care for you and your dental needs.  Disease prevention is entirely achievable with our modern dental diagnostic and treatment technologies.  Preservation of tooth structure is the single most important factor determining restoration longevity.  Avoiding over-treatment in a profit-focused dental marketplace is essential.  Not all cavities require surgical treatment!  Not all extractions require bone grafts!  Not all implants are the same!  Crowns should be a last resort, and not the first option!  Many dental restorations should last a lifetime!  With the use of a conscientious, broad view of your overall dental condition, a systematic assessment of risks and a highly focused, precise, and conservative execution of true needs, Dr. Stevenson has established an international reputation as a premier dental health care provider.  He treats his patients like family, in a no-rush, evidenced-based framework, using rubber dam isolation, an Zeiss Extaro 30X microscope, and proven and time-tested techniques with over 30 years experience.  A true professional is dedicated to the needs of his/her patients and not their own needs and Dr. Stevenson epitomizes this definition in all aspects of his patient interactions.  His expertise in both direct and indirect gold restorations and tooth colored materials like e.max and zirconia is robust and well-established in the professional dental community.  He believes that dental health for life is a possibility for all of his patients, from all walks of life.  As thousands of patients have found, once you have been a patient of his, you’ll be a patient for life.