ServiCes offered

simply the best…

Preventive Therapies: Fluoride Varnishes, Caries Treatment Rinses (CTX4), Routine Cleanings

Oral Cancer Screening: on every patient, every exam

Digital Radiographs: low exposure x-rays captured with state-of-the-art sensors

Periodontal Therapies: Scaling and Root Planing (deep cleanings), and Esthetic Gum Surgery

Clean Isolation Techniques: Rubber dam with High Velocity Evacuation

Mircodentistry: using the Zeiss EXTARO 30x microscope capable of caries detection and live videos

Direct Filling Gold: Gold foil fillings with Jensen 100% Cohesive Gold

Conservative Gold Inlays and Onlays: using Jensen 77% JRVT Gold

Conservative Ceramic Inlays and Onlays: using Ivoclar IPS e.max lithium disilicate

Direct Composite Restorations: Tokuyama Estelite Sigma tooth-colored fillings with protective glass ionomer liners and sealers

Bonding: Anterior fillings and Space (diastema) Closure using Tokuyama Estelite Omega Composite

All-Ceramic Veneers: using Noritake feldspathic porcelain or Ivoclar IPS e.max

All-Ceramic Crowns: using Noritake KATANA UTML, STML and ML Multi-Layered Zirconia or IPS e.max

Implant Restorations: using Straumann CrossFit and Roxolid SLActive Implants and Custom Milled Titanium or Zirconia Hybrid Abutments

Complete and Partial Dentures: with Ivoclar BlueLine Denture Teeth

Orthodontics: Align Technologies Invisalign “invisible braces”

Teeth Whitening: Custom Vital Home Bleaching with Phillips Carbamide Peroxide and comfort gel

Implant Surgery (guided and free-hand): partnering with the best implant surgeons in the West LA area from CBCT generated DICOM files and .stl digital scans

Occlusion: bite analysis, O’Brien ThermoGuard night guards, and occlusal equilibration

Laser and Air abrasion: Tissue surgery, tissue management and non-drilled preparations

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